Salisha a.k.a Sally
Salisha a.k.a Sally

‘Creation comes from inspiration. And when the final product/outcome goes on to inspire others – congratulations you’re still in the loop’.
Having enkindled many upcoming artists and consistently fueling their own creative juices by seeking encouragement from marvelous works across different domains, 13Particles has made sure to be an active part of the loop and with their new work they have tried to highlight the same.
13Particle presents ‘Salisha a.k.a Sally’ – a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, simpatico girl who’s ever amiable vibe makes her ‘the talk of the moment’ whenever she’s hanging around at a local cafeteria or a deli – living her life to the fullest. What makes everything even more captivating, is that how the character came into existence. Sally, on the face of it is basically a result of juxtaposition of different ideas that were drawn from works of diverse artists like
Luigi Lucarelli

Danny Mac

Carlos Ortega Elizalde

The concept was brought to light and given a cherry on top by the deft team of artists at the studio.
As always, staying connected to the thought by Sh1bZ that was mentioned towards the beginning, we believe that we’re still in the loop!

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