“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don’t have that problem.” — Ronald Reagan.
As Ronald Reagan aptly puts up, a marine is someone who is constantly making a difference, ready to tackle any situation that comes their way and embark on a new journey. On a similar front, we at 13Particles are always looking forward to trying and exploring our hands on different ideas, concepts, eventually endeavoring to create commendatoryrenditions of them.

This time we contrived to create Francis “Frags” Capburn, a soldier who’s about to ambush an enemy compound in order to eliminate all the miscreants. Modeled, textured,rigged, animated, lighted, rendered in Marmoset, we have also utilized Unreal Engine’s features to work around with the environment, highlighting our adoration and admiration for the worlds of FPS titles. Overall the showcase also reflects the inspirations of our artists, who are hard core gamers themselves and have spent several hours knocking down nemesis, hitting headshots in games.

A flavor of its own was added to this by Shivendu ‘Sh1bZ’ Mishra, who exaggerated it all by giving his voice to the character and adding SFX along with arranging BGM Distorted Doom by David Fesliyan.

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