Brethren: A legacy's allegory [Prototype by 13Particles]

'The World ahoys the grandeurs of a veteran... For they came, they saw and they conquered,
Their vow lives on in the hearts of my Brethren'

13Particles® presents their avant-garde creation, a video-game prototype titled 'Brethren'. Carefully crafted and brought to
light in Unreal Engine, the studio has tried to showcase their experimental approach, blended with their already flourished art styles.

Trying our best to strive for an innovative approach everytime with our works, we have put in tremendous efforts in this project. Albeit if there's anything which might have went off a bit, we'd like you to bear with us and we'd make sure to curate it in the desired way.

We'd also like to thank our community members, supporters, who've been a constant source of stimulation for us and are holding our hands, to keep us going forth with that colossal 'indie-dev becoming big' dream. Keep backing us up, and as always GlHf ahead!